Happy Book Birthday, Allie and Terra!

It's hard to limit the number of exclamation points writing a post about a new book release... so I'll mix it up a bit but apologies in advance for punctuation overload! I'm extremely excited to announce my first release with Decadent Publishing, a short lesbian erotic romance called One Exquisite Night, part of the 1Night … Continue reading Happy Book Birthday, Allie and Terra!

Crystal Inspiration

I've been revising like a madwoman lately, pulling favorite half-started pieces from the dusty archives of hard drives and in some cases even old printed copies of false starts from characters whose lives first shimmered in my mind some time before the laptop I have now saw the shiny light of day. It's scary in a way … Continue reading Crystal Inspiration

Slammin’ Sunday: Don’t Be Shy

In college, Eryn's rocker-turned-poetry instructor inspired more than just a budding appreciation for the art of words. Years later when Eryn's life is devoid of any form of "incidental genius," she comes across a flier for a poetry slam at a coffee shop. She gathers her courage, her notebook, and a volume of her former prof's work. Eryn connects … Continue reading Slammin’ Sunday: Don’t Be Shy