One Exquisite Night. Literally!

Whatever you celebrate this month—Hanukah, Christmas, the release of the next Star Wars movie, just to name a few—the authors of Love, Lust, and Laptops want to share some sizzling hot gifts with you. My gift to you?

One Exquisite Night. Literally.

One Exquisite Night_300x450

I’m a contributing author on Love, Lust, and Laptops, and this week we conclude a holiday giveaway hot enough to toast Ms. Claus’s marshmallows…

What we’re doing:

Giving away more than 10 gifts to readers who comment on the holiday blog posts. Go, now! Comment! Leave an email address (you can use funky spaces and type it out so you don’t inadvertently win a spambot down your chimney.) Try this:


Thanks for the post, LLL! I shared your link on FB and would love to win one of your hot holiday prizes.  If I win, please contact me at this email: at gmail dot com

It’s that simple!

What you might win:

I’m giving away an eBook copy of One Exquisite Night and a “burgundy gift box,” courtesy of Madame Eve, match-maker extraordinaire. Here’s an excerpt—SFW!

Madame Eve’s screening process had been thorough. Allie wondered if her stated preference sauvignon blanc had been considered when she was matched with Terra.

“Ice in your water? And are you okay with tap?” She opened the rustic white cabinets and pulled out two glass tumblers.

“Yes, ice, yes, tap.” Allie sat on a gray leather barstool and rested her elbows against the butcher block countertop. She ran her fingers along the smooth wood. “Exquisite but impractical, don’t you think?”

“That’s almost exactly how I describe my last relationship.” Terra raised a glass of ice water toward her.

“Are we toasting? Because now you sound like you have a story.”

Terra laughed, the smile lifting an edge of sadness from her eyes. “I was trying to be funny, honestly. My last relationship was far from exquisite…and I’m a huge fan of butcher block. Let’s save the toast for wine.”

The late-afternoon sun warmed the kitchen. Allie sipped the ice water and tugged free her damp bun. She ran her fingers through the wet strands so the warmth of the room would dry her hair. Quiet settled between them. Terra leaned against the counter, her back to the large window above the sink. The sunlight illuminated her tightly coils of her curls, the soft curves of her face.

She emitted an aura of groundedness. Dark spiral-shaped curls made a striking contrast to her creamy caramel skin and bright smile. From beneath black, plastic-framed glasses, her gentle hazel eyes took in the world and assessed quietly, calmly.

As the stillness between them stretched from a moment to a minute, Allie’s attention wandered to the droplets of condensation that trickled down the glass and pooled on the butcher block. “I have two children. A counter like this wouldn’t last long with those two.”

Terra swallowed her water. “Now I get it. And yes. Exquisite…but entirely impractical for two kids. I picture crayon scribbles on the wood and juice stains. Am I right?”

“Toss in sticky crumbs and papers and Legos and books and, yes, you’ve got it.” Allie ran a short nail along the graham-cracker-colored wood. “Do you have children? Or maybe you’re the butcher-block-counter type?”

She pressed her lips and looked away from Allie, breaking the eye contact they’d shared. “And here comes my exquisite and impractical—my last relationship. She had children, but I don’t have any.”

“Oh, did you help raise them? Is she your ex?”

“Well, we are getting right into it, aren’t we?” She smiled to soften her words and reached to open the fridge. “I think that question means we need to move right into the wine course.”

“I’m sorry.” Allie stood, picking up her water. “I’m asking tough questions, and I’m not even dressed.”

“Why don’t you finish dressing? I wouldn’t mind a quick shower and a moment to unpack my things. The wine and the tough questions will keep.”

“That sounds perfect. Although it seems kind of funny to go put on makeup now that you’ve seen me like this.”

Terra closed the fridge, her trim brown brows pressed together. She walked over and touched two fingers to the sweet, sharp point of Allie’s chin. “You’re gorgeous. Right now, just as you are. When I walked in, I said a little prayer of thanks for Madame Eve’s talent. I don’t know what I expected, but I did not expect you.”

Add a dreamy soaking bathtub and a burgundy gift box from Madame Eve, and you too might have one exquisite night.

Go to Love, Lust, and Laptops and enter to win a copy of One Exquisite Night…and a burgundy gift box inspired by Madame Eve (two gifts, one winner) by commenting on the LLL blog.

The full list of contributing authors and prizes on Love, Lust and Laptops:

Belinda McBride      Bad Angels books in E-format (3 books; 1 prize)

Emilia Mancini         Seducing Kate in E-format

Jianne Carlo           Manhandled, Sinner, and Prymal Lust in E-formats (3 prizes)

KaLyn Cooper         Cancun Series in E-format (3 books; 1 prize)

Lynn Lorenz            E-book and jewelry (1 prize)

Robin Danner        Bound and Christmas Spirits in E-format (2 prizes)

Sara Daniel             Captivating the CEO in E-format and One Night with the Bridal Party print anthology – US only for the print prize (2 prizes)

Tami Lund               Into the Light in E-format and a silver paw print bracelet (US residents only for the bracelet). If winner is outside US – 2 EBooks – Into the Light & Dawning of Light, first & second in the Lightbearer series.

Annie Anthony         One Exquisite Night in E-format and a burgundy surprise box (you’ll appreciate this surprise when you read the book!). US or Canadian residents only to win the box. Winner must be at least 18 years old. (2 prizes)


Grand Prize: a Diamond Necklace. Yep, you read that right.

Winners will be selected by from readers who have commented on the Love, Lust, and Laptops blog posts during the promotion. (Sorry, comments on my blog would be welcome, but don’t count toward a prize entry!) A winner for each prize will be selected Dec 19th and announced on Dec 19 & 20th on the weekend blog.

Have yourself a hot holiday season wherever you are and whatever you celebrate!


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