Review for, Darling Days by iO Tillett Wright

About a month ago, I attended a reading here in LA. iO Tillett Wright was reading from a memoir that had recently  been released-just the most recent creative work in a long, productive career for this young artist and activist. The reading took place in an art gallery and the scene could best  be described as “outtakes from The L Word.” Fun, colorful, and engaged–and that was just the audience. But it was the author who carried the night. Tillett Wright didn’t just read. A former child actor and TV personality, iO performed the scenes. After hearing just a few passages, I knew this book was a writer’s memoir–a story so alive it could be fiction, but even better…it was true.

I bought the book, had it signed by the author who graciously chatted with each of us, and reached out to the Divine Magazine (Divine Magazine) to pitch a review of the book. The review was published today, you can check out the full promo spot here: Review Darling Days Divine Magazine

And if you are looking for a talented “new” voice, something to distract from the public drama of the season, check out Darling Days. Volcanic and insightful, this book is a fantastic read. Without giving away any spoilers, the novel is a triumph of love, survival, self-preservation, and humanity everywhere along the continuum from tragic to brilliant.

And if you’re not familiar with Divine Magazine, check out these content-heavy source for LGBT news , lifestyle, music, books, travel & entertainment.







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