Annie A Joe G
Annie Anthony 2016 Photo Credit Joe Greto


Writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and lists. I edit professionally but promise not to critique your text messages. Chicago born and raised, SoCal gal as of 2013. MFA in Creative Writing. Long Hair. Mermaid-obsessed. Photo taker, museum buff, volunteer, tattoo lover.  Dog mama. Avid blogger since 2012 but revamped my site in 2015. New, improved? Maybe. More concise since now I have books (I wrote ’em!) to blog about, heyooo! Last but not least: Lady and Gay, not necessarily in that order.

Check out my blog, my books, my causes and cares. And thanks! I appreciate you!


Annie Anthony Photo Credit Mona Reed

.Jeanne Santa Monica (Jamil Wardak)

Photo Credit Jamil Wardak



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