Life, peeps. Life.

How’s yours? Mine has been flying by. Somehow I last posted in December, which per my emotional calendar is when a pretty shit-tay time reared its head, stared me down, and locked me in its sights. Formative, challenging, terrifying, sad. Isn’t that adolescent shit? We veteran adults should be really past a lot of the muck and circumstance of growth and change, amirite? I think that’s where I flubbed.  There will ALWAYS be something to grow and change and live through and to. So I fell into my speculation hole and worked at staring back at that shitty time and hurrah, guess who blinked first? Well, I don’t actually know that, but I’m going to chalk up this stare-down as a draw because 1) I came through it with some intense lessons learned and 2) I’m really super fucking happy.  So whatever the toll the lessons take, I have learned in my life to count the gifts and not to measure the costs. I’m better at counting than measuring anyway… 🙂

So what better news to draw me back to the blogosphere but an award.  A real-life, first place, y’all did it, great job, engraved-and-everything award. A year ago I was a nominee for a Golden Crown Literary Society award in the erotica category for my erotic short, Blue Suede Boi.  This year, one of my stories was included in an anthology published by Ylva, and that antho was nominated again, for a Golden Crown Award in the erotica category. And the anthology won!!!

I’ve been writing and editing and working and healing and all other manner of business over the last few months, but now seems like a great time to thank Ylva and GCLS and readers for supporting lesfic andfor reading about the complexities of FF romance, sex, and love. Prizes are amazing.  Awards are validating and lovely and I know I’m honored to have work included in a book that has received what many consider to be the top award from our industry. And since I’m counting the gifts these days, it’s a great time to add this one to the top of the list.

Goldie Award_Don't Be Shy_600x450


Check out Slammin’ Sunday and all the other fantastic stories in Ylva Publishing’s anthology, Don’t Be Shy.  And take care, you. See you sooner rather than later!

Dont-Be-Shy-vol-i-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

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