Saying Goodbye and Reuniting

A while back I was invited to contribute to an anthology of lesbian fiction with the theme (and title) First Ladylove. The rights period has ended so each of the seven stories in the collection have gone home to their author-mamas and the anthology is no longer. But this is not a painful breakup. I’m … Continue reading Saying Goodbye and Reuniting

A Stranger Can Be A Broken Heart’s Best Friend

New beginnings. This is a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately. Starting over, starting fresh. For so much of my life, I approached starting over with the energy of kid--fueled by hope, optimism, possibility. But there are pains that don't lend themselves to quips and quotes. Realities that can't be "grinned" and … Continue reading A Stranger Can Be A Broken Heart’s Best Friend

Crystal Inspiration

I've been revising like a madwoman lately, pulling favorite half-started pieces from the dusty archives of hard drives and in some cases even old printed copies of false starts from characters whose lives first shimmered in my mind some time before the laptop I have now saw the shiny light of day. It's scary in a way … Continue reading Crystal Inspiration