Saying Goodbye and Reuniting

A while back I was invited to contribute to an anthology of lesbian fiction with the theme (and title) First Ladylove. The rights period has ended so each of the seven stories in the collection have gone home to their author-mamas and the anthology is no longer. But this is not a painful breakup. I’m … Continue reading Saying Goodbye and Reuniting

Sometimes Fate Has Plans… #FirstLadylove

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! I'm so excited and proud to be part of this collection of seven outstanding stories of #FirstLadylove. Thanks to brainchild and ringleader Kate Richards for getting this project organized and off the ground.  To celebrate the release day, please enjoy an excerpt from Centerfold  by the incredible Kate Richards. Kate Richards #FirstLadylove … Continue reading Sometimes Fate Has Plans… #FirstLadylove